Katy Perry Without Makeup

December 30, 2010. Mark down this day because today is the day Katy Perry divorces Russell Brand. Katy has been married to Russell for a few short months and I’m beginning to think that’s as long as it’s going to last after Russell took a picture of Katy Perry without makeup on Thursday while she was still in bed and posted it on Twitter. He took it down quick but, c’mon, this is the internets. Granted, no one looks great after a sleep but let me just say, WTF?!

This can’t be Katy Perry. This has to be one of those April Fool’s things. If I stare at this long enough, is some monster going to pop out and scream at me? Is it one of those things? No joke. When I saw this, I went “No way! Shut up!,” for 10 minutes straight.

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