Kim Kardashian’s Puppy Died When She Was a Kid

In hopes of bringing you some holiday cheer, here’s a story of Kim Kardashian’s puppy dying from snail poisoning two weeks after she got her for one of her first Christmases.

The reality TV star was given the pet when she “was really little”, but it sadly passed away soon after from “snail poisoning”.

She explained: “Valentina was its name, but then she died two weeks later because she had snail poisoning – you know when snails leave a little trail? She got super excited and ate it and died.”

Luckily, Khloe Kardashian was probably a kid at the time so if they needed a replacement puppy, they could have just watched Khloe drag her ass around the ground instead.

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11 years ago

who gives a shyt

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