Lindsay Lohan Might Be in Trouble

TMZ allegedly paid $10,000 to the Betty Ford Clinic staff member involved in altercation with Lindsay Lohan for an interview.

Dawn Holland, the staffer, says Lindsay hurt her so badly that she’s now on worker’s comp. According to Dawn, Lindsay and her two roommates came back from a bar on December 12 at 1 AM thus violating curfew. They jumped a wall to get inside without being noticed but were caught by security. Lindsay then became belligerent.

Dawn came to do a breathalyzer on the three women and said she could smell the sweet, sweet nectar of life on her breath. Lindsay refused and pushed her. Lindsay then called 911 on the house phone. When Dawn picked up another phone on the same line to speak to 911, Lindsay ripped the phone out of her hand causing a “severe sprain.”

Right after the interview went up, Betty Ford fired Dawn for violating patient confidentiality. Holland says she told the Betty Ford official, “I didn’t feel you had my back. When you placed me on administrative leave you were investigating me, and 9 times out of 10 that means the employee will be fired.” To which the official responded, “We wanted you to keep this quiet.”

But back to Lindsay. Radar says she could be facing six months in jail if the claims of her refusing a breathalyzer are true. Lindsay defense will probably be that she did submit to one… this morning.

“Judge Fox made it very clear to Lindsay: a dirty test, or a refusal to submit to a test, would be counted and considered as a dirty test,” a source told exclusively.

“Lindsay is in very, very big trouble. It’s very likely Judge Fox will haul her into court in the next week to deal with this,” the source added.

“Judge Fox had been willing to give her a second chance.”

That’s funny. That they say Lindsay is in very, very big trouble. Because she won’t be. Lindsay’s broken every single rule and she’s basically been slapped on the wrist and then hugged. The biggest consequence she’ll face from refusing a breathalyzer is maybe 4 hours of petting a horsey.

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