Lindsay Lohan Prepares Her Defense

While Lindsay Lohan can’t deny being at the bar at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, she can deny she drank any alcoholic beverages. Which is what she’s doing.

The staffer, Dawn Holland, claims Lindsay reeked of alcohol when she sneaked back in to the Betty Ford Clinic after curfew. Lindsay says Dawn is lying because all she had that night was a Shirley Temple and french fries before she came back to the clinic at 1 AM.

Dawn says Lindsay refused a breathalyzer at the behest of her mom. Who, as we all know, is an idiot. Or extremely conniving because she knows her daughter is a screw-up and a breathalyzer would have proved her guilt. Dina basically told Lindsay to turn this into a he said, she said debate and Dawn’s character has already been shot after she violated patient confidentiality by talking to TMZ. Well played, Dina Lohan.

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Has Pretty Legs
11 years ago

An alcoholic is told to avoid triggers, such as bars. Why is someone still in rehab in a bar at all, even if the kitchen was open and she was dying for a shirley temple at 1 a.m. What failure Mom Dina should have said had she learned anything at family week was “I’m so disappointed in my daughter for setting foot in a bar, she clearly needs to stay in rehab for at least 3 more months, this is unacceptable behavior”. But then I’m not a failure mom so who knows, but after 5 rehabs Lindsay knows better which… Read more »

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