Lindsay Lohan Shoved a Staff Member

Palm Desert Police are looking into a possible criminal battery incident involving Lindsay Lohan. The “altercation” with the female Betty Ford worker occurred after Lindsay and her roommate came back from the bar last Saturday December 12. Police received a call at 1:03 AM for “hand-to-hand battery.” They interviewed Lindsay and the staffer who said they wanted to prosecute.

However, sources say Lindsay only shoved the staffer after she “put her hands on her.” Lindsay has been telling friends that the staffer has had it out for her for a while and now that she’s in the final stretch of rehab, the staffer is looking for a final confrontation.

…a female staff member was “unfairly” scolding her about the situation … and demanded the actress take a drug/alcohol test. We’re told it was during the heated exchange that the woman “put her hands on Lindsay.”

Lindsay claims she told the woman, “Take your hands off of me” and then “pushed back.”

I’d imagine this exchange wouldn’t have become so heated if Lindsay had just said “yes” to the drug/alcohol test. Not like it was an unreasonable request considering she’s in court mandated rehab and just came back from a bar. Unless… she was drinking. Then it’s totally unreasonable. What, don’t you trust Lindsay?!

Granted, it’s pretty ridiculous that a “shove” can be considered criminal battery. That must mean I criminally battered a bunch of kids in elementary school. In fact, we must have criminally battered each other every day.

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11 years ago

Well yeah, the bitch was hogging all the coke.

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