Lindsay Lohan Still Drinking in Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is staying at a satellite house at the Betty Ford Clinic. People say she’s there for her drinking and drug problem. The real reason she’s there though is because LA is a bunch of celebrity apologists who let famous people get away with anything. So it’s really no surprise rehab isn’t working because Lindsay has no understanding of consequences.

TMZ reports last Saturday, officials at the clinic caught Lindsay Lohan partying with her roommates who were “drinking heavily.” They mention that there was no evidence Lindsay drank but say the roommates were moved back to the main facility at Betty Ford where there’s more supervision.

Sources also say that the night of the party, Lindsay went out with two of her roommates to a bar. Once again, TMZ says there’s no evidence that Lindsay was drinking but this is Lindsay Lohan. This is the same girl who took coke even though she was wearing an ankle bracelet that monitored her for drugs.

As a result, Lindsay can’t leave for Christmas and she has to go back to the main Betty Ford facility for “intensive therapy” where I’m guessing she’ll talk about her feelings and discuss why she did this. But clearly, talking doesn’t work with Lindsay. If they were really trying to help, they’d inject everclear directly into her veins.

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11 years ago

“…maybe I am a real dumb ass…”

11 years ago

Why is this news? Does ANYONE (except Dina) think she will ever change? She will be a framing hot mess until she kills herself or someone else.


Tony L
Tony L
11 years ago

Give the girl a break; y’all were not there, ya don’t know what went down, why don’t y’all just go out Christmas shopping and complain about the crowds and prices. Get over it people!

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