Madonna Doesn’t Have to Wait

Passengers who were on a Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to Heathrow are a bit pissy today because Madonna was given preferential treatment.

Flight VSO10 was delayed in the US for 90 minutes and was then diverted from Heathrow to Stansted as were planes headed to Luton and Gatwick. Once at Stansted, all passengers had to wait for three hours while planes were diverted. Not Madonna though. She’s a celebrity so she got to leave first.

According to fellow passengers in upper class, Madonna and her entourage were allowed off first and whisked away by bus to the terminal two hours before everyone else. But not before she handed out some impromptu in-flight entertainment.

Says one passenger: ‘It was bad enough having to wait, but then she started doing her yoga in the aisles.
‘After about an hour, a bus came along and took her and her party of about 15 off the plane. It seemed a ­little unfair — it’s not like she is the President or anything. The rest of us all had to wait for another two hours.
‘If the plane had taken off on time, it would have made it to Heathrow an hour before the runways were closed at 11.30am and so would never have needed to be diverted.’

Virgin Atlantic issued a statement saying it’s not uncommon for first class passengers to disembark before everyone else as is reflected on the price of their ticket. Other first class passengers are calling BS because they still had to wait two more hours to get off.

I think the worst part about this is they had to watch that gnarled old oak tree do yoga in the middle of the aisle. People lost a little bit of their soul that day when Madonna went into downward dog. And who does this b*tch think she is anyway? The day I see someone doing yoga in the aisle of a plane is the day I accidentally spill hot coffee everywhere.

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