Nicole Richie banned Paris Hilton from her wedding

Nicole Richie did what any sane person would do on the most important day of their life. Ban Paris Hilton from showing up. It wasn’t an easy decision but… wait, yes it was. From Popeater,

Friends of newlywed Nicole Richie tell me the reality star-turned-author agonized for months over whether or not to invite once-BFF Paris Hilton to her wedding to Joel Madden on Saturday, but at the last minute decided it would be best for everyone if the hotel heiress didn’t attend.

“Nicole is in a very different place in her life from when she was hanging out with Paris. She’s the mother of two and now a wife while Paris seems to be in exactly the same spot she was in five years ago. Still partying in Vegas and getting into trouble with the law,” a friend of Nicole’s tells me.

The only downside to not inviting Paris was that she wasn’t there to overpower the sickly vinegar stench emanating from Joel Madden with the sickly vinegar stench emanating from her uncovered crotch.

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