Nude model at Diddy’s party catches hair on fire

During a live streaming event at the launch of Diddy’s Dirty Money album in London MC’d by Kevin Hart, a nude model’s hair caught on fire.

She was just sitting in the tub playing with the water when her hair lit up like a candle. She put out the blaze by slapping herself in the back of the head.

Good job. Next time why don’t you try using the 10 gallons of water you’re sitting in.

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11 years ago

Being nude is natural and nice. Now more and more people be interested in being nude and being nudists. And I always check the celebrities’ nude photos on a nudist site called “”””. Maybe they are nudists, or interested in being a nudist

Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
11 years ago

little girl! was it worth it to be humiliated like that?

11 years ago

I love the way not a single person sitting within a few feet of the lady does a damn thing to help her – they all just run away. Wow showbiz people are so great!! What an amazing level of personal vanity and selfishness to watch someone burning and to be more worries about the camera and your own personal safety.
Verdict: Scum of the earth.

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