‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Arrested

Amber Portwood slapped her ex-fiance Gary Shirley but blamed it on MTV saying they paid her to do it. Turns out that’s not a valid excuse because she was charged with three class D felonies including two counts of domestic battery and one count of neglect of a dependent. Amber was also charged with one misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. That was Monday. Today, Amber was hauled off to jail.

“Domestic battery has an automatic 24 hold,” an officer at the Madison County jail in Anderson, Ind., where Portwood is being held told PEOPLE. “Even if someone pays your bond, you still have to wait 24 hours to be released.”

In Amber’s defense, eh, I got nothin’. She’s a teen mom with an inclination towards violence. Their best bet is to take the kid away and throw it into the woods into a den of ravenous wolves where it’ll at least have a chance at a happy life.

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