‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Makes $280,000/year

Teen Mom Amber Portwood had to appear in court after spending 24 hours in jail on two felony counts, a misdemeanor count of domestic battery and a felony count of neglect of a dependent. Portwood appeared before Madison County magistrate Steven Clase via video feed from the jail after her release. It was very revealing (read: depressing).

Amber said her job was a “television personality.” When asked to reveal her annual income, her attorney objected. Long story not so short, Clase overruled the objection and Amber admitted she makes $140,00  for a six-month contract with MTV. Amber stated that if she works the entire year, she’ll make $280,000. Oh and she’s already trained in the mystical ways of fame whoring.

As she left the Madison County Jail on Tuesday, the reality star was greeted by nine photographers and reporters.

A reporter for The Herald Bulletin was inside the jail as Portwood exited. The reality star seemed surprised by the number of reporters outside, and instructed her mother, Tonya Portwood, and her grandmother to keep their chins up. She also told them not to block their faces from the cameras.

Ugh. Reading this wants to make me crawl in a hole and die or go to Brazil and have a doctor put a womb in me. Idiots like this shouldn’t be allowed near this kind of money. She’ll just blow it on ugly tattoos and Dodge Rams.

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11 years ago

amber doesnt deserve leah. or any money. she is a tramp straight up tramp. cant believe mtv paying this girl for anything. she is a filthy pig. some of the other teen moms deserve it. i still say these teen moms just want the money. that is why so many are getting pregnant. what a disgrace. we have straving kids, and people in the world…. and mtv is paying this girl for beating up gary. hope she loses leah.!!!

susie q
susie q
11 years ago

cant stand amber.!!! but i do like maci, farrah, and the others. but amber is a filthy person…. her house was filthy all the time. clothes in the floor, dishes all over the drain boards, and stove. please take her off. and dont pay this pathetic person another penny.!!!!

Jon Kramer
11 years ago

and this is why ladies nowadays are whores.Im 24 year old male and wish i was living way back in the day all these girls nowadays are whores no wifey material.Over here in ny the quote from my college was 1in3 has an std and its a disgrace.Girls in middle school having kids.But hey now MTV wants to approve this with 16 and preg. Why in the world would they make a show, showing young woman other 16 year olds preg then on top of that pay them over 100k a year for being a whore. But then again an… Read more »

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