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Denise Richards, who always looks like she’s on crack, and Nikki Sixx, who’s probably been on crack, are dating. Richards and Sixx, “have been neighbors for years. They have a lot in common and are taking things slowly.”

A lot in common? Do tell. I would love to know what they have in common. Denise Richards used to be a rising actress, has two kids, divorced Charlie Sheen and now claws at any type of fame that comes her way. Nikki Sixx is in Motley Crue and did a lot of drugs. If you showed their interests with a Venn diagram, one circle would would be on the left side of the page and the other circle would be on the opposite side of the world.

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13 years ago

Haha….. yes, what is one thing they have in common?

13 years ago

She’s trailer park trash that happened to make it out on looks, has a gutter mouth and poor taste in men. A slut with a Beverly Hills zip code. I’m sure they have the same STD’s. Girl Power!