Tom Cruise is snatchin’ Katie Holmes’ makeup

Tom Cruise feels old age nipping at his heels so he does what any rational man would do. He steal his wife’s makeup. The National Enquirer says Cruise is “so pretty” that he raids Katie’s stash of makeup and beauty supplies. Tom even uses Katie’s foundation before public events and lightly applies mascara to make his eyelashes look fuller.

“Tom is in major midlife crisis mode,” revealed a source.

“He’s freaking out over the new lines on his face, the gray hairs on his head and on his face when he shaves.

“He has started applying Katie’s high-priced facial creams, cleansers and even her makeup – and he loves the results!”

Tom has become a daily user of Katie’s pricey cosmetics, including a face cream that retails for $320. He also uses the same facial masks she uses on a daily basis, say insiders.

Tom should be a spokesperson for Maybelline. Their new tag line could be, “Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s the Maybelline he steals from his wife when she’s not looking. Coughgaycough.”

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