Usher broke his promise

According to the Digital Death campaign, all celebrities taking part in it would go on hiatus from Twitter until $1 million was donated to the Keep a Child Alive foundation. Only $299,200 has been raised so far.

Proving that the campaign is utterly pointless, Usher, who’s one of the participating celebrities, let out four tweets over the weekend digitally resurrecting himself.

Twit fam, I’m whack for being late, I need your help. Twit,Happy Birthday Rico Love!!! He is the man that wrote you “There goes my baby”
5 Dec

@Sheamooreonair…Lol…your funny. I’m listenin’ to you. I would’ve picked you…I didn’t hear you.
10 hours ago

Atl….I love ya’ll. The show was crazy…shout to Chris, Miguel and Trey. We shut it down!!! URIV
10 hours ago

Shout to the lil homie Prince JB in London!!….I hope your keeping em warm out there….see ya soon! URIV
9 hours ago

Way to go. The campaign started December 1. It’s only been five days. Five days! Not even a week. Usher has about as much self-control as Lindsay Lohan does with a baggie of coke.

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