Ashton Kutcher Talks Female Orgasm

MovieLine did an interview with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman about their new film No Strings Attached in which Natalie Portman plays a friend with benefits. I’m going out on a limb here but I’m guessing they develop feelings for each other. Anyway, besides talking about Natalie really letting herself go after Black Swan, Ashton goes on a rant about the female orgasm.

I don’t want to veer off on a weird human trafficking thing, but — is that, especially for women in the sex education process in schools, the one thing they teach about is how to get pregnant or how to not get pregnant, but they don’t really talk about sex as a point of pleasure for women. The male orgasm is actually right there and readily available to learn about because it’s actually part of the reproductive cycle, but the female orgasm isn’t really talked about in the education system. Part of that creates a place where women aren’t empowered around their own sexuality and their own sexual selves, and from a purely entertainment point of view, to create a movie with a female lead that’s empowered with her own sexuality is a powerful thing. And if we can give teenage people something to think about from a sex perspective, I would say it would be to open a conversation where women are empowered with their own sexual experiences from an educational level as well as an entertainment level.”

Ashton is right but that’s mainly because the female orgasm is a myth like the Loch Ness Monster or Paris Hilton’s dignity. You always hear stories about it but there’s no hard evidence. One time I attempted to confirm this female orgasm thing but two minutes after I finished, guess what? No female orgasm!

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10 years ago

Of course females have orgasms, it’s just the mountain worth of BS that gets between them and their happy moment. For men, the only thing between them and a good cum is whether their penis is flaccid or stick enough to skeet. It’s like this, a typical guy wants to know his girl had a good come, it’s like a trophy he’ll put on his wall, and look at whenever he feels incapable or inconsistent, or simply worthless; he’ll look at that trophy of honor (we’re talking figuratively yous maggots) and think of the time his girl came and pushed… Read more »

10 years ago

Female Orgasms does exist. It’s easy to understand. The clitoris is like a small penis. It inflates with blood, and with some experience and very good moves, and if the girl properly lets herself go, she can have sudden contractions and the clitoris suddenly drains the blood out of it, and it’s like an explosion in the woman’s senses.. Leaving her a big satisfaction. You see, that’s not the Loch Ness. That’s scientific !!! But the best way is just to not be nervous about it, or ashamed if the girl doesnt get an orgasm. Actually, i think it’s most… Read more »

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