CBS Says Charlie Can Do Whatever He Wants

As long as Charlie Sheen’s pact with the devil is still intact allowing Two and a Half Men to stay network television’s most popular comedy, CBS doesn’t care how many hookers Charlie locks in the bathroom or how many pornstars he nails during porn conventions. As long as he shows up and makes them money, there’s no problem.

A top exec at CBS said Friday that the network is concerned about Sheen’s off-camera behavior, but it hasn’t affected his work as the star of television’s most popular comedy.

“We have a high level of concern,” said Nina Tassler, CBS entertainment president. “How can we not?”

Tassler said she has given a great deal of thought to Sheen on a “human level,” but the situation can’t be viewed simplistically. The actor does his job reliably well on “Two and a Half Men,” she said.

A reporter suggested a person in a different line of work would be fired for involvement in similar incidents.

“What do you get fired for? Going to work and doing your job?” Tassler asked.

Then the top exec lit his cigar with a $100 bill and dug his spurs into his hooker as he rode her off into the sunset.

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Madame Wisdom
Madame Wisdom
10 years ago

And CBS *shouldn’t* care because it is none of their business what Charlie chooses to do in the bedroom or wherever in his personal life. Media has it out for that guy trying to make it like he is a bad person etc. Intelligent/critical thinkers (AKA the minority of the population) realize there is in fact 3 sides to every “story”.

10 years ago
Reply to  Madame Wisdom

And also, as ya rightly pointed out, it’s not their business, and it’s none of our business either! Let him mount hookers anytime he wants: he’s paying for it, and its his money. And the stories afterwards are always funny to read. But that show is shite, though.

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