Charlie Sheen Has a Way With Women

Everyone has heard the story of Charlie Sheen hitting up Vegas during the porn convention and having an orgy with three women including pornstar Bree Olson and home-wrecker Bombshell McGee. But it wasn’t just filled with pornstars and D-listers, there were also hookers. Expensive ones. Radar has more details about his trip to Sin City.

What’s more, the Two and a Half Men star was so smitten with one hooker who goes by the pseudonym ‘Ginger’ that he paid her $10,000 for a four-hour sex romp, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Sheen, 45, showered two other escorts with $8,000 each in separate and earlier trysts.

The actor booked Ginger from 9am on Monday, January 10, meeting him inside the $40,000-a-night Sky Villa that he rented at the Fantasy Tower at the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas.

“Ginger said Charlie was high on cocaine when she got to the room and continued to do drugs in front of her,” the source told

In related news, TMZ published an email Charlie used to get Ginger’s attention. Turns out when you’re the highest paid television actor earning a million an episode, you don’t really need to use charm and wit.

Charlie found Ginger’s ad on the CityVibe website but her phone was dead when he tried to call her. Naturally, he fired off an enchanting email. He wrote to her as if she was a princess in a fairy tale.

U are fabulous!
I’m an A-list actor that you mite like to meet….. Ure fone is dead and out of service …
[phone number redacted]

Sent from my iPhone

Charlie’s life is pretty much like a frat boy movie. If it had a title, it would be American Pie 8: The Cocaine & Hooker Years.

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10 years ago

If I had that much money I would too!

10 years ago

Good 4 Charlie! He knows how 2 party! Call me Charlie baby my phone works!

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