Chet Haze Dropped His First Single

Chet Hanks is the son of Tom Hanks an attends Northwestern University. Chet Hanks is also an aspiring rapper under the name Chet Haze. According to his Facebook profile, Chet was “born and raised on the West Side of the Westside’s main city LA.” I’m guessing that’s the over-privileged side.

His profile then gets all resume-y. “He is an up and coming MC with a flow that does California proud, partnered with lyrical intelligence that complements his attendance at Northwestern University.” Calm down, son. This isn’t a job interview.

Anyway, MC Haze released his first single which is a remake of Whiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow titled White and Purple (Northwestern Remix). Man, his originality is a kick in the balls, isn’t it?

You can see that lyrical intelligence shine when he substitutes Pittsburgh colors for his Northwestern colors and then sings about school, smoking blunts and the mascot. Willie the Wildcat represent! It’s like Chet studied what rappers stereotypically like to sing about (bitches, ho’s and blunts) and put all of it into this song.

I wonder if Tom Hanks facepalmed himself so hard after listening to this that he broke his nose.

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10 years ago

Terrible. I almost miss Booshua.

10 years ago

Really Chet? I was waiting for this to turn into an SNL skit.

10 years ago

why does his face looked photoshopped on the first pic?

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