Do Not Want!

JWoww’s ex-boyfriend, Tom Lippolis, is in possession of nude photos of her before she had her second boob job and liposuction. Jwoww is fighting to avoid paying him management fees and hoping to block him from selling the nude photos. With good reason.

Turns out she didn’t look so hot before the second surgeries. Shocking, I know. “Before she had her second breast augmentation, she was uneven, scarred, deformed and had tons of cellulite. There were two-inch scars on her nipples and after the surgery, they had stretched the skin and removed the scars.”

Tom says Jenny is just worried that if he sells the pictures, her clothing line and ego will take a hit. “She doesn’t want people to see what she looked like before she had all her surgeries.”

To be fair, no one else wants to see these godforsaken pictures either. My gag reflex isn’t strong enough. I’d rather watch Madonna do squat thrusts in the nude.

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9 years ago

We’re all damaged goods, I don’t know why this J-wwow person thinks she’s any different—she’s complaining about looks, she should see me. And I don’t complain.

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