Eddie Cibrian Is Very Generous

Eddie Cibrian hasn’t worked much as an actor since his stint on CSI: Miami. Because of this, his child support payments to Brandi Glanville were slashed and Brandi even has to give a few bucks back to Eddie.

Coincidentally at the same time Eddie’s payments were lowered, he bought LeAnn an $85k 5-carat oval diamond engagement ring. He’s got to spend that extra money somehow, right? Brandi isn’t too hung up about it though.

“Look, I don’t mind that he got her a ring but the timing wasn’t obviously the best and the truth is the communication is not great right now,” Brandi told

“I just want to get on with my life and to move forward but it is really tough at times because everything has been so very public.”

Radar implies Eddie isn’t that broke because he drives a Prosche and lives in a “lavish” Calabasas house. I beg to differ. Just because a man tools around in a Porsche and gives his then mistress, now girlfriend an $85,000 ring doesn’t mean he’s not poor. He probably has normal toilets in his house and not those fancy Japanese ones that pre-warm the seat for you and shoot water up your butt and then tells you to “have a nice day” when you leave. Can’t you tell the guy is suffering?

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11 years ago

Brandi might have better luck getting some money from Eddie if she would stop slandering him every day. Why would anyone want to hire the guy she describes?

11 years ago

I hope he get everything he deserve and more. What goes around comes around.It is funny though, because he is disgracing the male divorce fathers with his actions,He is getting what he deserves,and hope Leann put his feet in one shoe.Eddie had to realize by having sex with his mistress,when he was married with children,you pay the consequences at the end.Not only did he destroyed his family,but most of all disgraced his sons by not standing up and be a man.He is wearing the dress and Brandy became the man of the family to raise her sons.I admire Brandy and… Read more »

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