Heidi Montag Turned Down ‘Dancing With the Stars’

File this under, “Whaaaaa?” According to RadarOnline, Heidi Montag, who’s now 90% plastic parts, was forced to turn down a role on Dancing With the Stars due to a contractual agreement she signed when working on The Hills.

The role was actually an offer to host the show back in 2008 before Brooke Burke took the job. A little later, she was asked to be a contestant but agreements with The Hills and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! kept her from accepting again.

This was all pre-surgery of course and now it looks like she’ll never get another chance. A source explained, “It was before her surgeries and so I’m not sure if she wants to risk it now. She already took an elbow from a dancer on the set of her song, Overdosin’, and she’s scared of getting hurt.”

Why can’t they just have a guy with a portable welder on standby the entire time during the show. That way if Heidi’s nose or whatever gets knocked, it’ll take all of two minutes backstage to melt that sucker and shape it back.

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