Jeremy Piven Is an 18-Year-Old Girl

Jeremy Piven told E! that he must be an 18-year-old girl because he had such a great time hanging out with Miley while filming So Undercover. Jeremy squealed,

“I think I must be an 18-year-old girl because we got along really well,” Piven told me while promoting his new drama I Melt With You at the Sundance Film Festival’s Bing Bar. “It was just so much fun. I had so much fun with her and we had great chemistry. It was really really weird—we’re like polar opposites.”

As for the Miley haters, Piven’s got her back. “You know, you can judge her, but what were you doing when you were 18?” he said. “She’s kind of amazing. There’s something so incredibly refreshing about someone who is exactly who they are. There’s nothing pretentious about her. She’s this force. She loves to laugh.”

The only reason Jeremy Piven prattles on and on about Miley Cyrus like this is because she probably has pretty good weed hook-ups. The inside of their trailers must have looked like someone set off a canister of tear gas.

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13 years ago

haha he got a hair transplant…I saw him in an old movie when he was first starting out and he was badly balding with a hardcore receding hairline.

13 years ago

At least he didn’t get the donor hair from “down under” like the SNL skit.