Justin Bieber Does Vanity Fair

Justin Bieber appears in the February issue of Vanity Fair and his interview highlights what you’d expect to go through the mind of a normal 16-year-old with millions of dollars and an inflated ego.

Justin on being a musical genius: “I’m crazy, I’m nuts,” Justin Bieber tells Vanity Fair contributing editor Lisa Robinson. “Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. I think differently—my mind is always racing. I’m just … nuts. But I think the best [musicians] probably are.” – Every kid thinks they’re so much more different and special than any other kid. You are not a unique snowflake.

On his affection for black artists: Robinson reports that Bieber considers the “best” to be the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Tupac. “Music is music, and I’m definitely influenced by Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men and people who were black artists—that’s what I like. But I like their voices and I like how they entertain—it’s not about what color they are.” – The part where Bieber says he’s influenced by black artists but then says it’s not about what color they are. Yea, that makes a lot of sense. If it’s not about color, then why do you explicitly say “people who were black artists?”

On not being able to be a normal kid: “It’s hard to really balance myself. A regular kid, if he catches the flu, he just gets to go home,” Bieber says of the challenges of trying to be a regular teenager. “But I can’t do that…. Everything is important. But, you know, my sanity is important, too. Even if I’m angry, I’ll just put a smile on my face and fake it. I don’t often fake it—what’s me is me….I know I have to give up a lot of myself, or a lot of a private life.” – He fakes it but he doesn’t fake it because “what’s me is me.” Is any of this making sense to anyone? And you’ll never be a regular kid, Bieber. You’re Canadian.

Being a regular kid means getting laid in your trailer: Robinson talks to one person who has the most access to Bieber’s “private life” these days, his bodyguard Kenny Hamilton. “I feel like I’ve become an expert at covert operations,” says Hamilton about “friends” (girls) who sneak in to visit Justin on the mandatory one to three days off a week that he gets to just “be a kid.” – I must have missed out a lot as a kid because my bodyguard has never sneaked chicks into my trailer just to blow me.

On taking advice from Will Smith: Robinson reports that Bieber says he wants to go to the moon, to outer space, but only when it’s 100 percent safe—or maybe just 90 percent—and that he hated school, is tutored on the road, doesn’t read much, but has the best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad on his tour bus because Will Smith told him to read it. – I feel like he only listened to Will Smith because he was awesome as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That’s the only reason I’d listen to that nut. Other than that, anything he said I’d think he’d be trying to convert me to Scientology.

Now his Kanye West ego speaks: Bieber tells Robinson that he knows girls scream for him because he’s Justin Bieber, but he thinks they might also scream for him because he’s cute. “Not trying to be arrogant, but if I walked down the street and a girl saw me, she might take a look back because maybe I’m good-looking, right?” – No, she wouldn’t. She’d take a look back because you’re Justin Bieber, a manufactured pop star pushed onto the ignorant masses. You look like a slimmer Chaz Bono.

Justin’s mom (Pattie Mallette) is crazy too: Mallette also tells Robinson that, after a personal encounter with God, she believes that she and Justin have been put on earth to bring light and inspiration to the world. But Mallette is wary of show business and its potential consequences: “We don’t have yes-men around him. I don’t want him being a diva.” – *Backs away slowly*

Justin’s grandfather is still bitter he’s not a hockey player: He’s not the only one who didn’t see his fame coming. When asked if he ever envisioned this level of fame for his grandson, Bieber’s grandfather Bruce Dale responds, “No. Never. He was supposed to be a hockey player.” – Bruce added, “Cut your hair you damn hippie,” and then waved his cane in the air.

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11 years ago

Glad to see that he doesn’t read much. What a great example for our children.

elizabeth wakefield
10 years ago

justin is so sexy

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