Justin Bieber Suffers Allergic Reaction

While filming another guest appearance for CSI on January 12, Justin Bieber was taken to Providence St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank for an allergic reaction just as production began to wrap at 7 PM.

“He was having trouble breathing due to an allergic reaction,” a source close to the pop singer explains. “His doctor met him there. He stayed at the hospital about 30 minutes and was discharged.”

Geez, guys. Canada almost lost their national treasure. We should find out what caused this and plant it in keep it away from his food. We wouldn’t want Justin to fall to the ground, squirming around in anaphylactic shock no matter how hilarious and YouTube appropriate it is. Right? Wink wink, nudge nudge, hint hint.

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10 years ago

Bullshit. This is just like the time he thought he grew a pubic hair…then it peed.

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