Ke$ha is Inappropriate

Ke$ha started off her performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve by angering network television execs saying, “let’s make 2011 our b*tch!” East Coast censors didn’t catch it in time and bleeped a little after.

Then in the middle of her screechy performance, Ke$ha straddled a Santa Claus and beat on an Easter Bunny piñata. Was this supposed to make sense? Because I don’t get it. I guess it was too high brow for me.

Continuing with her tragic display of childish attention grabbing, just before midnight, Ryan Seacrest asked Ke$ha what her New Year’s resolution is. She replied, “Not become a douchebag.” Ryan shot back, “You can do that.”

O-M-G. Shocking. Just. So. Shocking. Controversial even! Can we stop writing her name with a $ please? It’s so damn annoying. Also, her makeup made her look like a clown on stage. The entire time I thought I was at Ringling Bros. Thank goodness I wasn’t at Times Square on NYE. I would have punched the closest person to me in the face because I’d have been so angry.

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