Kelsey Grammer Likes to Dress Up as a Woman

Kelsey Grammer is in the middle of divorcing Camille Grammer but he’s already engaged to a younger version of Camille. This is called trading in for a newer model because the other one is old and busted.

Well, Camille probably isn’t liking this so she went on Howard Stern and hinted that Kelsey is a cross dresser.

Camille said Kelsey wasn’t gay but implied that he’s doing the cross-dressing play La Cage aux Folles because he likes wearing women’s clothes. Sources from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills say Camille made the same claims to the cast after Kelsey dumped her.

Camille: Listen, I don’t think he’s gay. I do think he likes being with women, but there’s something between us that just didn’t click.
Howard: But you’re saying you do think he’s gay. You said that when he got into La Cage Aux Folles he was in the right play.
Camille: That’s for another reason.
Howard: What’s the other reason?
Camille: I’m not going to answer.
Robin: He likes to dress up like a woman?
Camille: I didn’t say it. I’m not talking about.
Howard: Are you saying in your marriage that Kelsey dressed up like a woman?
Camille: I’m not saying it.
Howard: Wouldn’t he stretch your panties if he put them on.
Camille: He has, um, a little… tiny waist.

A rep for Kelsey responded, “While it is not clear why Camille Grammer continues making public statements about her marriage to Kelsey, it is crystal clear that Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content.” His rep then added, “But Kelsey does thank Camille for complimenting him on his tiny waist. He doesn’t work out for nothin’, ya know?” Then he licked his finger, touched his ass and made a sizzling sound.

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13 years ago

Kewl – if only Camille did…

Hugh Jassol
13 years ago

See? I knew it! Oh, BTW, that old “licked his finger, touched his ass and made a sizzling sound” is about as gay as it gets. So, his rep sounds a little light in the loafers, too.