Lady Gaga to Make $100 Million in 2011

Lady Gaga is projected to make $100 million this year, $40 million more than she did last year, according to Forbes. Asked how, Forbes shrugged its shoulders and said, “Because people are idiots?”

Popeater says Gaga earned most of it through touring combined with her high average ticket price ($102). Her future tour with 41 shows already scheduled is projected to make $1 million each.

Her new album, ‘Born This Way,’ could earn up to $15 million from sales. For reference, ‘The Fame’ sold more than 12 million copies and her next album is projected to surpass that.

No way I’d pay that much to watch Lady Gaga prance around in a bacon suit. I’d rather shove sticks of dynamite up my pee hole.

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13 years ago

Life is not fair…