Lindsay and Sam Ronson Are Neighbors Now

Lindsay Lohan would only stay in rehab until her new house was furnished. Luckily, that was done on Monday and, what a coincidence, her new place is right next door to Samantha Ronson’s, her ex.

Samantha was naturally pissed telling cameras in no uncertain terms, “Trust me, it wasn’t planned.” Asked for comment, Sam said, “Dude, I’m way too pissed off right now.”

One reason she was pissed was the fact Lindsay’s moving vans were blocking her garage and she couldn’t get out. Another reason is a cyclone of death and destruction moved next door to her. I’d be pissed too if the value of my home just dropped 50% and I had to live next to this screw-up and have my house surrounded by paparazzi for the next few years.

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