Lindsay Lohan is Doing Fine Post-Rehab

For bravely completing her court ordered rehab, jeweler Pascal Mouaward gifted Lindsay Lohan with a $25,000 Rosette necklace to “keep her going in that positive direction.” That direction is to the pawn shop where she’ll sell it to pay her bills and buy a couple lines of coke.

The only gift Lindsay should get is an ankle bracelet that she has to wear for an entire year to make sure she stay sober.

In related news, Lindsay is letting a girl she met during her stay at the Betty Ford Clinic stay at her new place rent free. What a generous woman. This won’t backfire at all. I see this developing into a solid, long lasting relationship like the ones she’s had with all the other people in her life.

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10 years ago

It was really nice of him. Remember that Michael Lohan is a package, so it will pay one way or another. LOL

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