Lindsay Lohan Paid Dawn Holland $25,000 to Keep Quiet

Former Betty Ford Clinic worker Dawn Holland claimed Lindsay Lohan and two friends were drunk when security caught them trying to sneak back into rehab by jumping a wall. Dawn added that Lindsay assaulted her and threatened to press charges. Then all of a sudden she changed her mind. Now we know why.

Allegedly, someone directly related to Lindsay’s camp offered Dawn a $25,000 settlement to shut her up and keep her from pressing charges. The source tells Radar that Dawn wanted it up front but Lohan’s camp wanted to put the bribe on layaway.

Dawn wasn’t born last night so they “then agreed, in principle, for Lindsay to participate in a sit-down television interview with Dawn.” Dawn would then shop the interview to media outlets. When that plan never materialized, “Dawn fired her lawyer and engaged new legal counsel.”

Since Lindsay didn’t have $25,000, the next plan was to photograph the two together and then sell them to photo agencies. Dawn would keep all profits from the sale which were estimated to be $10,000. Sources say this wasn’t a bribe, it was just so Lindsay could “help her out.” The deal fell through when Lindsay’s business manager put a stop to it.

Dawn’s first mistake was thinking Lindsay had $25,000 to bribe her with. Her second mistake was not running far, far away when they asked for an installment plan. The next thing you’ll read is how Lindsay tried to pay off Dawn with leggings (knee pads not included).

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