Madonna Will Not Build That School in Malawi

In April 2010, Madonna performed a brick laying ceremony in Chinkhota Village where she planned to build an all girls school to educate future doctors and lawyers called Raising Malawi Academy for Girls. Coincidentally, a couple months later her adoption of Mercy James was approved.

This month, Madonna announced she was scrapping plans for the school and instead, building secondary schools elsewhere in the country. Malawi’s education minister Peter Mutharika said, “As a government, we’d be interested to know why there is a change.” Looks like Madonna and Michael Lohan went to the same school of bribery.

Besides, Madonna has more important things to devote her time and money to. Like her and her daughter’s Material Girl fashion line. Did you know Kelly Osbourne was chosen as the new face after they fired Taylor Momsen? That seems like a step down. Kelly Osbourne looks like a bobble head. If you shook her around a few times, her big melon of a skull would keep bouncing up and down for a good five minutes.

See how easy it was to forget about that Malawi school? “Malawi what?,” you’re probably asking yourselves.

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