Mel Gibson Beat Oksana During Sex

Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson’s ex, is trying to keep the spotlight on her custody case by introducing new allegations that she never mentioned during her multiple interviews with the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

In her deposition on Tuesday, Oksana testified that Mel had performance problems and could only get aroused by beating her.

Oksana’s plan is ingenious. Even if she doesn’t win her case, she’ll make sure no woman ever sleeps with him. Not only would Mel be constantly shouting at you during sex and sweating profusely but instead of Viagra, he’d be punching you in the face. I may not know a lot about women but I assume that would be a turnoff.

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9 years ago

Remember TMZ is out for blood where Oksana is concerned. MAinlt bc it gets a mountain of hits from Mel’s deluded fans. This says “sources tell us…” But we don’t even know exactly when she allegedly claims the violent sex began. No details at all. And important to remember, we also don’t have ALL of the statements that she gave to the Sheriffs Dept. It’s only tabloid illusion that we do. TMZ for instance tells us continuously (even NOW) that “*sources* close to the case” say the dentist kept changing his story when in fact the dentist had already given… Read more »

9 years ago

You’ve got to be kidding right? Ox’s lies will have no affect on Mel’s future women. Ox LIES, it’s obvious to a third grader!

Maybe you are as dumb as Ox if you think this or the tapes will stop any woman anywhere from wanting him. Fact is: it will probably HELP him because most women will feel sorry for him that he’s had to suffer with this crazed …lying female dog thing called Ox.

You try hard to spin more crap his way? won’t work.

9 years ago

Parker appears to believe that Ox had ‘terrilbe sex’ with mel BUT stayed to get pregnant, make her CD, have a baby, fly all over the world, with the guy that ‘best’ her during sex. Right, Parker….

btw: Don’t read the TMZ articles or any other trash site, like this one. Base an opinion on the actual court documents.

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