Miranda Kerr’s Baby Weighed 10 Pounds

Miranda Kerr gave birth to a boy on Friday in LA. Now E! News has a few more details including one about how the kid weighed 10 pounds. Holy hell.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have welcomed a baby boy—and, according to her family, the kid is a monster, tipping the scales at nearly 10 pounds.

Per Kerr’s local newspaper, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the super-sized bundle of joy arrived last Friday, and despite his size, the petite Kerr (as well as her Lord of the Rings hubby) are doing “very well,” according to a family friend.

For the love of all that is good and pure, please tell me Miranda Kerr got a C-section. That size thing should not be growing in a human much less come out of one of its orifices. The hospital would look like a horror movie if the 110 pound Kerr gave vaginal birth to a thing like that. A good way to see how it would feel is to shove a cannon ball into your uterus and then try to push it out.

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