‘Robot’ Is Fairly Ridiculous, Awesome

I don’t mean to spoil the movie for you but here are the last 10 minutes of of the Indian film Robot starring Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth dubbed in Russian. Have no idea what this is about? Me neither! Even after watching it five times. Fear not, however, Reddit user Thrashingshrimp was kind enough to provide a summary of this craziness.

Yes this is a Tamil movie named Robot (as the youtube video implies). It tells the story of a robot who falls in love with his creator’s fiancee, but is ultimately altered to follow a more destructive path by a rival scientists. It’s a big hit in the state of Tamil Nadu right now, as star actor Rajinikanth and actress Aishwarya Rai play big roles in the movie. It also has quite a large budget (120 million I believe) for an Indian movie. If you wanna learn more, the name of the movie is actually Enthiran in Tamil.

Ha! I still don’t know what he said. Only that they had a $120 $30 million budget and came up with this.

The clip already starts out pretty great with an Indian dude crashing through a car and using the driver’s body as a sled, a scene not even Hollywood would dare throw at the audience. But wait. It gets even better when he manages to hold 50 guns together like an accordion and fire them all at once. But wait. That one Indian dude is actually a robot and there are 500 more just like him. When the cops try to take them out, these 500 Indian dudes form a gigantic Indian Voltron. But wait. Not only does this Indian Voltron turn into a rotating sphere of death, it also turns into a snake, a drill and a giant monster. Of death. But wait. When the scientist finally de-magnetizes them making them unable to join together to be badass, they start inline skating. I kid you not. The only thing missing was a sweet rail for them to grind down.

Being a writer in Bollywood must be an amazing job. Apparently, all you do is sit around a table all day smoking weed and coming up with ideas that sound “cool”.

Note: I don’t even know if that picture up top is related to the movie. But it doesn’t matter because that’s the great thing about Bollywood/Indian movies. Things don’t have to make sense.

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Prabhu Lord
12 years ago

I think the article writer is on weeds, not the movie maker

1> its not Bollywood but Indian movie Tamil move to be correct
2. Its a Science fiction movie and not some art movie or documentary
3. Does the article write ask such smart question when he watched Jurassic park, star wars, ET, AVATAR etc, rubbish never, only Things from India is hard to digest

The Blemish
12 years ago
Reply to  Prabhu Lord

Did you just compare this to Jurassic Park? A more apt comparison would have been to Tetsuo or Dead Or Alive (the end of it).

12 years ago

The movie Enthiran/Robot did not cost $120 million rather 120 crores which is less than $30 millions. It was a big hit not only in Tamil Nandu but around the world – the biggest opening weekend ($2.2 mil) in the US/Canada for an Indian movie and the highest earning Indian movie ever at over 350 cr

The movie actually got good reviews from Indian and Western critics and was very entertaining.


The Blemish
12 years ago
Reply to  Lee

I’m not doubting the awesomeness of it.

Prabhu Lord
12 years ago

Nope am asking did the reviewer uses same logic, yardstick to analysis any hollywood sci fiction movies, be It be terminator or Matrix or I robot or what ever you wanna call… or its just the word “Indian which makes him hard to digest , and makes it ridiculous and wanna makes hi m think that director was in weeds etc