‘Skins’ May Be Canceled

Following complaints by the super bored PTC, Taco Bell pulled out as one of the advertisers of MTV’s Skins. Now Wrigley, Subway, Foot Locker, L’Oreal and Shick have also decided to cut ties with the show. Meanwhile, General Motors and H&R Block claimed their ads aired during the premiere by mistake and would not be further associated with the show. Without sponsors, Skins could cost MTV up to $2 million an episode.

Sponsors leaving coupled with declining ratings — the second episode of Skins lost half of its audience — could lead to the show’s cancellation.

Last Monday’s broadcast of the second episode of “Skins” featured an anemic commercial line-up, with spots for Red Bull and Zeno Hot Spot, a pimple-prevention device hawked by Whitney Port, being the only non-program or film related advertising.

“Certainly, blue chip advertisers that have brands that appeal beyond the really young, cutting-edge target audience are going to shy away from advertising on ‘Skins’,” Charlie Menduni, media director of Mediassociates, tells FOX411. “But with the initial outcry against it as loud as it is, you’d be hard pressed to find any brand manager who would be willing to bring that (show) to their board.”

To be honest, this show is starting out awful. The only shining light is Sofia Black-D’Elia who plays a lesbian so you know there’s going to be girl on girl action. Which there was. Other than that, the pacing makes me want to stab myself in the heart and the watered down dialogue is hilarious. It’s like watching two five-year-olds swear at each other.

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