That Kid Is Still Stalking People

Remember Harvey Kindlon aka Rose Boy? That kid who tried to hand Megan Fox a rose two years ago but had his soul crushed when she walked by without even acknowledging him? Yea, that was hilarious.

Well, he’s older now and it turns out he’s still stalking celebrities. This time he’s after Rachel McAdams. At this point it’s become less cute and more creepy. Instead of standing there like a innocent dork with a rose, he’s standing there with a camera in his hand, grinning like a perv, only to slink back into the darkness as she leaves. He’s like the T-1000 if the T-1000 were a serial rapist.

[via Reddit]

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13 years ago

I dont think it’s really that creepy…he probably wants a career as one of the paparazzi guys we he’s older

13 years ago

wow are you serious, then everyone in this photo must be a perv and seriel rapist, i mean gosh they all kind of had the same look on thier faces, amazing all the pervs in the world chasing celebs around, i guess u could say i am a perv cause i too kind of stalked Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams around when they recently filmed a movie in my home town, and I must say that I definantly had one of those smiles on my face when I saw then kissing like 5 feet in front of my car during… Read more »