This Olivia Munn Maxim Cover Is Controversial

Olivia Munn is in the February 2011 issue of Maxim in a pair of see-through panties. Naturally, people (read: bored housewives and puritanical fameballs) are calling out the cover.

Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business & Culture at the Media Research Center says “it’s disgusting” and “Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography.” I imagine he said this with such vim and vigor that spittle flew out of his mouth, through the telephone and onto the reporter’s face.

“Any store could have children coming in. If I were a parent, and I walked into a store and saw that cover, I would make a scene until the manager hid it.” Wow. This guy doesn’t even have children and he’s getting butt hurt over this.

Far be it for me to defend Olivia Munn — I’m all for banning her from all media until she stops pandering to her fans — but this guy is a nut. You can barely see through those panties. I jerked off to the cover maybe once. Therefore, not pornography. I hope he falls off his soapbox and breaks his neck. No, that’s mean. Maybe a cracked vertebrae or some injury that everyone can laugh at.

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Nate Fanfare

What the fuck happened to Olivia Nunn, she looks like shit!

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