This Ted Williams Thing Is Going Downhill Fast

Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, was given a second chance after a report highlighted his god given talent. The internet embraced his story and the Cavs offered him a job and a home.

If you’re wondering why making a talented homeless man, who fathered numerous children and was addicted to alcohol and crack, famous doesn’t happen more often, it’s because it’ll probably end like this. With the homeless guy and his daughter being detained by LAPD over a fight about money.

Soon enough the whole thing will take a nosedive before it crashes and burns. Case in point. Ted Williams already went on ET to tell his side of the story. Ted says his money-grubbing daughter threatened to sell him out and then scratched up his face. Ted’s daughter talked to Dr. Phil and says her dad is back on the sauce drinking a bottle of Grey Goose a day.

That’s the problem with being famous. People you haven’t had contact with in years come out of the woodwork to take a piece of your fortune. Then they go on tv and tell everyone how you’re an asshole. That’s why I live in my parent’s basement in anonymity. Oh god, I’m so lonely.

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