Charlie Sheen Pretends to Have $5 Million Per Episode HBO Deal

If you were expecting Charlie Sheen to keep quiet about CBS canceling the remaining for episodes of Two and a Half Men this season, then you obviously don’t know what a coke fueled drug binge is. In a text message sent from the Bahamas where he’s vacationing, Sheen calls CBS and Warner Bros. “crazy” and “sad”.

Sheen also made up something about being in negotiations with HBO to do his own half hour show titled Sheen’s Corner. “It will be epic, all types of guests and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!” Charlie claimed it was a 10 show guarantee for $5 million an episode.

Clearly this guy is insane because a rep for HBO tells Popeater that there is “no truth to this.”

This is like when your girlfriend dumps you and you pretend you’re dating a really hot girl a week later but the random girl who owns the Facebook profile you link to in your status update freaks out and takes out a restraining order against you.

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Peter Pan
Peter Pan
10 years ago

I don’t watch 2.5 Men, but If HBO gives Charlie a show, it moves to the top of the DVR and they could double their programming cost and I wouldn’t care.

10 years ago

Maybe HBO will call it “Watch this asshole piss away his money, career and life.”

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