Ashlee Simpson’s Divorce Is an Ultimatum

Ashlee Simpson is allegedly split from Pete Wentz because he’s spending too much time away from home. And because all women are insane and conniving, Radar is reporting that Ashlee filed for divorce in order to “shock” Pete Wentz into canceling his upcoming tour, or at least modifying them, so he could stay home with her and their son Bronx. The problem is it won’t work, claims a source.

The 26-year-old former singer was “fed up” with her husband being away from home for extended periods of time and wanted him to give up his band life and concentrate more on his home life and on being a father to their 2-year-old son Bronx Mowgli.

“Ashlee and Pete would argue constantly about him touring,” the source told “Since she gave birth to Bronx she hated him being away from home and wanted him to stop the band life and work more on producing music, so he could be around to concentrate more on being a husband and father.

“When Fall Out Boy went on hiatus things were great between them again and it was just like old times, but the next thing you know Pete formed his new band and then he was off touring again.

“I think that Ash has just finally had enough of it. She’s put all her musical aspirations to the side to concentrate on being a mom and it is a big bone of contention with her that Pete just swans off around the world with his buddies like he’s a single guy.

I want you guys to read that last line again. “She’s put all her musical aspirations to the side.” Let that sink in for a moment. Now let’s take a trip down memory lane to the day that should have ended all hopes of a music career. The day she was caught lip syncing on SNL and tried to cover up the embarrassment by doing a little jig. Ashlee must be real, real optimistic about life to think she has any future in music. She’s not just a “half glass full” kind of girl, she’s a “glass is empty, but someone will fill it up soon, right?, right?!,” kind of girl. That or because she effectively killed her dreams, Pete can’t have his. Sort of like in middle school when your friend had that huge jawbreaker but your mom wouldn’t buy you one so you just knocked his into the dirt.

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10 years ago

And he said “Thank God!!! She did it to me before I could do it to her!!!”

10 years ago

That is outright retarded if that is accurate. She knew what he enjoyed doing when they met, don’t try and force guys to mold to your desires & change them. As long as he cares for his child and spends time with the kid when he isn’t trying to make money for them doing the crap he likes; that is what matters.

10 years ago

I suppose getting fired from your acting job also qualifies as “putting aside” your career to raise your kid.

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