Charlie Sheen Clean For 2 Weeks

Roll out the red carpet and sound the trumpets, Charlie Sheen has passed two drug tests since he started his in-home rehab two weeks ago. This means he can go back to making those millions, right? Hookers and cocaine are expensive.

Charlie has a team of addiction specialists working with him at his home, some of whom he has known for 20 years. The lead specialist is nationally known and someone both Warner Bros. and CBS signed off on.

The two drugs test results are being forwarded on to Warner Bros., which is monitoring Charlie’s progress to determine when “Two and a Half Men” can go back into production.

Sources say Charlie “feels great,” is actually enjoying his newly-found and hopefully not temporary sobriety and is “itching to get back to work as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Sheen called in to The Dan Patrick Show and complained that the studio isn’t letting him get back to work. He explains he lost his voice banging on the stage door to be let in and start filming. “[The execs] said ‘You get ready and we’ll get read’… and I got ready and went back and nobody was there… I don’t know what to tell ya. … I’m here and I’m ready. They’re not. Bring it.”

I give it two more weeks until he “finishes” his in-home rehab and gets back to doing what he does best. Making empty promises to porn stars and doing a lot of blow. I bet if he ever sneezed it’d look like the east coast.

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13 years ago

Big deal! OOoohhhh CHarlie wiped his ass all by himself today! Woww! Can we move on now?