Christina Aguilera Has Sex in Bathrooms

Since splitting from ex-husband Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera has been sexily spiraling out of control. She’s gotten drunk and passed out in Jeremy Renner’s bed and even wiped her ass with the American flag. Figuratively. She’s now dating 25-year-old Matthew Rutler who she has sex with in bathrooms at family gatherings.

An insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now) that the Burlesque star and the production assistant even had sex in a bathroom at a recent family gathering.

“Her friends are fed up,” the source says of Aguilera’s recent antics, which included a New Year’s Eve blowout fight with her mom and a booze-filled night of crying at L.A. club The Dime in January. “Nobody can get through to her. They think she’s trashy. And her ego is out of control.”

“She’s really spiraling,” says the source. “I would be shocked if she’s not in rehab in the next month or two.”

They make this sound like a bad thing. Tell me this, holier-than-thou source, where else are you supposed to have sex during a family get together? On the kitchen table? Because I’ll have you know, it didn’t fly when grandma did it and it sure as hell won’t fly now.

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You Deserve It
You Deserve It
12 years ago

Aguilera needs to lay off the alcohol and binge eating & redirect her spiraling to the nearest Gym or private trainer.

12 years ago

I was a big fun of Christina Aguillera. I still am… but she should clean up her act starting now!

12 years ago

Still love Christina Aguilera….