David Hasselhoff Is Fashionable

David Hasselhoff showed up at a press conference yesterday to announce he’ll be taking a break from judging Britain’s Got Talent to begin a concert tour in Germany, Australia and Switzerland. The three countries where his album will be released.

David also wore a fancy shiny suit to the presser. If that thing was any louder, everyone would be bleeding from the ears. I bet people confused him with that guy who paints himself silver and pretends to be a robot. “Hey, why aren’t you making the robot sounds,” an annoying fat kid probably yelled at him at one point or another.

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13 years ago

Yeah ‘taking a break’ is code for ‘about to get fired’. I can’t believe this guy is still getting jobs! He even did a satnav voice which is pretty funny considering getting driving directions from a raging drunk haha. It’s here