Jennier Aniston Got a Hair Cut

If you haven’t heard the big news, Jennifer Aniston finally got a new hairstyle releasing her from the layered shackles that defined her for years. She debuted the look at a Madrid photocall for Just Go With It. Wow, what an amazing, inspirational woman. Damn, I forgot you can’t see me roll my eyes through the internet.

Jennifer Aniston has bid goodbye to the long layers that have been her signature look for years and chopped her hair into a shoulder-length bob. The actress stepped out at a Madrid photocall for her new movie Just Go With It rocking a sexy, tousled take on the cut.

… This newest cut, however, marks a hairstyle milestone as she brings the length above her collarbone. (People)

Meanwhile, Adam Sandler and every other guy in the world responded, “New dress?,” when Jennifer asked if they noticed anything different about her.

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10 years ago

Why don’t people like Jennifer? Her mouth looks like a perfect fit for me!

Madame NoiR
Madame NoiR
10 years ago

Jennifer Aniston looks great! That aside, ever notice the older & fatter the female, the shorter the hair? Hope Jen keeps length & keeps it light & bright, complements her beautiful blue eyes.

10 years ago

I think she looks good in this pic. In the other pics, not as much, but it might have more to do with her outfit. It makes her look younger and updates her look.

She has fat fingers though.

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