Jennifer Aniston Banned Heidi Montag From Her Movie Premiere

Heidi Montag may have a bit part in a movie with a couple A-list actors but that doesn’t give her credibility. Hence, why Jennifer Aniston banned her from the premiere of Just Go With It. Or so Heidi claims. Start your fabricated celebrity feud engines!

“I’m so upset,” the former reality star, 24, tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now). “I was so excited! This is the first movie I’ve ever been in and I can’t walk the red carpet because Jennifer Aniston decided I was ‘too polarizing.’”

Montag, who renewed her vows with husband Spencer Pratt, 27, in November after their very public split adds that she had already designed her own dress for the event and made a deal with producers not to go to any events beforehand.

“I’ve been such a huge Jennifer Aniston fan my entire life and it’s just really upsetting that she would do this to me,” says Montag. “She should know how hard it is to make a career for yourself and to have someone like Jennifer Aniston go out of her way to make things hard for me is really disheartening.”

However a rep for Aniston, 41, claims she has no issues with the reality star. “This is absolutely false. Jennifer has nothing to do with who was or was not invited,” her rep tells Us

I really doubt Jennifer Aniston gives two sh*ts about whether or not Heidi Montag attends the same premiere as her. I bet if you ask Jennifer who Heidi Montag is, you’d have to cup your hands in front of your chest and giggle like an idiot for her to finally get it. Even if she did attend, she’d be at the tail end of the celebrity red carpet. She’d be so far in the tail end that all the photogs would have already left. The only person taking pictures of her would be that creepy fat kid with a rose.

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