Jennifer Aniston’s Nipples Are Vibrating

Can you believe Jennifer Aniston was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and the first story that came out was about how she was the catalyst for Perez Hilton becoming a nicer, gentler celebrity blogger despite the way more interesting story being she and Ellen tested out vibrating nipple inserts during the show? Yea, I know. I couldn’t believe it either.

Jennifer, who turns 42 next Friday, and Ellen started the show off by talking about her dogs and, surprise, surprise, she dresses them up in little outfits to put in Christmas cards. The topic then moved on to the Mexican kid she’s never going to adopt (poor Carlos) and that Perez Hilton thing. Finally, Ellen whipped out two sets of vibrating nipple pads for them to try out.

At first, she seemed startled, but then she got a little more comfortable. Mm, yea. Just like that, baby. What? Er, nothing.

Sadly, this might be the most action she’s gotten in months.

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13 years ago

Don’t care, please come to Australia, still one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.