Jennifer Lopez Asked About Ripping Off Kat DeLuna

There’s this whole controversy going on right now about how Jennifer Lopez ripped off fellow Latina singer Kat DeLuna’s music and style. The few people who listened to Jennifer’s single and didn’t keel over clutching their ears in pain are asking why.

Well, it seems a Latin American tv show called Despierta America wants to know why as well. During an interview that aired last week, reporter Birmania Rios blindsided J.Lo asking her “about the rumor of her supposedly copying Kat DeLuna’s ‘Party O’Clock’ song to mak her ‘On the Floor’ single.”

After Rios asked about the younger singer, Lopez looked surprised and glanced off camera, where a source tells us her handler was standing. “What? Really? I’m not aware of that,” the 41 year-old replied in Spanish with a nervous expression. (Our insider reveals, however, that J.Lo’s camp specifically requested that nothing about the Deluna debacle be brought up during the interview.)

But the reporter continued to press for more information: She told Lopez she had “caught up with Kat DeLuna” as well in a previous interview, adding that the 23-year-old hottie said “she’s honored that [Lopez] would copy one of her songs.” The “American Idol” judge gave a forced chuckle, and insisted yet again, that “no, I didn’t hear about it.” Right.

Maybe Jennifer never heard about this because she’s too wrapped up in her own world. It’s not like she vets every song written for her. Plus, she’s way bigger than Kat. Literally. If anything, she’ll just sit her fat ass on Kat’s face until she shuts up about it.

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13 years ago

I heard the two songs. They are nothing alike. The only similarity is that they are both dance songs with a typical “galloping” rhythm that’s heard in all those types of dance songs. This is just stupid.

13 years ago

These two songs sound nothing alike whatsoever! Stop slamming Jlo for nonsense.