Jennifer Lopez Sheds Her Crocodile Tears

For those of you that don’t watch American Idol anymore, you missed last night’s episode where Jennifer Lopez broke down and bawled like a little girl after stomping all over contestant Chris Medina’s dreams. Chris Medina, of course, is the guy who brought his brain-injured girlfriend to meet the judges. Probably at the behest of AI producers to make everyone go “awww”.

J.Lo let Chris down gently telling him he wasn’t good enough but to keep practicing. When Medina left, Lopez started crying. Oh, boo hoo. Play it up for the cameras. She’s about as heartbroken over this as she was when they messed up her lunch order. Way to make yourself the center of attention. When Chris goes home to take care of his brain-injured wife, I’m sure he’ll be glad to know that the one thing people will remember about his appearance on AI is JLo crying.

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Ur Momz
Ur Momz
11 years ago

Omg JLo needs to hold it together hahahaa, maybe she is knocked up again and hormonal? Weird.

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