Kanye West Appalled by High Price of Gold Digger Abortions

Kanye West vented on Twitter yesterday about gold diggers who get pregnant on purpose to squeeze $50k – $100k out of ballers to pay for their abortions. I’m guessing he’s talking about paying for their abortions and their silence because I haven’t heard of any designer abortion clinics opening up. Regardless, he cautioned his n***as to strap up.!/kanyewest/status/40558382377082880

This is like an NBC The More You Know for rich people. That’s why I like Kanye’s Twitter the most. He gives advice you can use in the real world. Because I know all my bitches be gettin’ pregnant on purpose. Before I didn’t know what to do about this, but now I do. Use a condom. Thanks, Kanye!

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