Khloe Kardashian Will Be Bikini Ready By June

Prepare your eye bleach stations, Khloe Kardashian has promised to be “bikini-ready” by the time she hits the Mexican beaches in June.

‘That’s my mission,’ she tells America’s People magazine. ‘I’m going to Mexico in June.’
‘I’m in a working-out process and I’m definitely back on trying to lose weight.
‘It’s about being healthy, though. I believe in working out, eating well I do everything in moderation. I don’t like people who do extreme, crazy diets.’

Moderation. That word may be foreign to Khloe. If she were such a big proponent of moderation, she wouldn’t have turned into Khloe Kong. The only way Khloe is getting bikini ready is if she removes 20 feet of small intestine or Star Magazine assembles a ragtag team of pro-Photoshoppers in it for just one more big score. It’d be like The Expendables, but instead of being badasses who play by their own rules, they’ll cower to Star Magazine who’ll threaten them with atomic wedgies if they don’t meet their deadline.

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10 years ago


10 years ago

What’s the problem with your site?

10 years ago

Just stop it already. Khloe is beautiful, and she is nothing even approaching fat — or even chubby. The woman is 5′ 8″ and wears a Size 6 dress and Size Small tops. That is freaking tiny. I am certain that even if your mother didn’t teach you any better, there has been SOMEONE in your life who has. You should be ashamed. And let’s see you in a bathing suit….

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